Cutting room

Straight knives and Abrasive belts, Round knives, Staples and Pattern tackers, Ink for plotter/Refill, Sprays and needle bars.

Staplers staplers and staples

Rapid Classic Stapling Pliers K1 Textile

Suitable for fabrics and laundries.
It is able to apply a very thin metal point to any fabric, not subject to rust, which once extracted leaves no trace of penetration.

Art. 506> Cod. 064100

Punti Rapid

Art. 43/6 > Cod. 064200
Art. 43/8 > Cod. 064300

Plier staplers

Made entirely of painted metal with nickel-plated finishes.
Painted with lead-free enamels with high wear and corrosion resistance characteristics.

Art. 548 / E> Cod. 064500

Punti Zenith

130 conf.1000 > Cod. 064600

Staple-removers Zenith

Made of nickel-plated iron with spout and notched plate in hardened and nickel-plated steel.

Art. 580 > Cod. 064750

Pattern Tacker for Bates Staples l19

Bates stapler to fix the paper on which the cutting plan has been reproduced on the fabric mattress.

Cod. 063700

Various point sizes available.

1/2 11×13 mm C. 5000 > Cod. 063800
3/8 11×10 mm C. 5000 > Cod. 063900
1/4 11×7 mm C. 5000 > Cod. 064000