Cutting room

Straight knives and Abrasive belts, Round knives, Staples and Pattern tackers, Ink for plotter/Refill, Sprays and needle bars.

Brushes and products chemists

Brush Pulirella Super adhesive

Made with a special adhesive substance, harmless to any type of fabric.

Allows for quick and thorough cleaning.

Cod. 077300

Spare Part Pulirella Super

Replacement rolls for Pulirella Super.

Cod. 077500

Spray Silicone

Ml. 500 > Cod. 077700

Degreaser Cleaner Spray Deter 100

Slow evaporation spray detergent degreaser.

Spray detergent cleaner, removes oil, glue, encrustations, tar from metal surfaces. It also removes labels. It leaves no residue.
For hard surfaces, tools, chains, motors.

Slow evaporation

Cod. 077750

Temporary Adhesive

It is a product of the highest quality and technology designed for professionals, has exceptional transparency characteristics (invisible) and is perfect for use on paper, cardboard, films, plastics, rubber, fabrics.

Formulated to keep the fabric on the support during the embroidery, cutting, sewing phase.

It leaves no glue residue on fabrics.

Cod. 077800

Clothes brush

The surface is covered with a special type of stiff bristle velvet that allows you to easily remove lint, dust and hair from more delicate fabrics such as jersey, knitwear, suede.

Cod. 077100