Everything you need for modeling: Evanescent and non-evanescent chalks, Mannequins, Measuring instruments such as lines, squares and curvilinear, Pencils, Markers and Accessories.

Die-cut and nick

White handle awl

Awl for model makers with plastic and non-slip rubber handle.

Cod. 058311

Pattern notcher

Marking pliers for models with various types of engraving.

To quickly and clearly mark the reference marks on the models.

Available in:

Tacca semicircolare mm 2 x 7 > Cod. 057600
Tacca rettangolare mm 1 x 4 > Cod. 057700
acca rettangolare mm 1 x 8 > Cod. 057800
Tacca triangolare mm 4 x 5 > Cod. 057900

Tracing wheel short end

Cardboard punching wheel with short tip and wooden handle.

Cod. 058100

Tracing wheel long end

Cardboard punch wheel with pin point and plastic handle.

Cod. 058200

Taylor Pick

Awl for model makers with wooden handle and fixed needle.

Cod. 058300

Punches for Zenith Paper drill

Practical and useful for drilling paper, fabrics, rubber, leather, etc. precisely and quickly.


Suitable for thicknesses from 9.5 to 17 mm depending on the diameter of the dies used.

Cod. 058400

Punches for Zenith Paper drill

Punches for Zenith Paper drill

Available in the following formats:

Ø 3,0 mm > Cod. 058500
Ø 4,0 mm > Cod. 058600
Ø 5,5 mm > Cod. 058700

Multiple die cutter

Multiple die-cutting machine useful for the application of snap buttons.


Supplied with 6 dies with variable diameter from 2 to 5 mm.

Cod. 058800

Pattern punch

Cast iron punch to punch the models.

Foro Ø 19 mm > Cod. 058900